Chinese takeout boxes are one of the most popular ways of delivering food to the end customer. They are mostly made from cardboard and specially made to carry food securely. Traditional origami patterns inspire the design of the chinese take out box.

The specialty of these containers is that they are made so that one piece of cardboard folds to form a leakage-proof box. The cleanup is easy as the packs can be put into each other and thrown out. While they may look only good for takeout, Chinese delivery boxes have several different uses that you can repurpose in your daily lives.

If you have a lot of Chinese takeout boxes at home, keep reading to know how you can use them for different tasks.

Some Uses of Chinese Take-Out Boxes

They Make Perfect Storage Boxes For Food

Chinese takeout boxes are impermeable, meaning moisture cannot enter the containers easily. They fold and lock smoothly, so you don’t have the issue of food items falling everywhere or going bad because they were left uncovered. So, these takeout boxes make perfect storing spaces for food items.

You can store leftover food in these containers or wash them and use them to store fresh food, such as fruits that go bad quickly. The boxes are compact and can easily be put in your refrigerator.

Moreover, these boxes are perfect for storing dry food such as spaghetti and pasta in the pantry. You can store baking goods and label them for easy access.

Portable Lunchboxes

Considering these boxes are used to pack food for takeout, it makes sense to use them for similar purposes of carrying food later. You can use Chinese takeout boxes to carry food on your traveling adventures. Pack chips, pasta, or other food you like for your journey.

You can easily open up one box and eat on the road instead of carrying disposable utensils. The leak-proof property will ensure you can enjoy your meals without worrying about the mess. And you just throw them away when you are done or bring them back for reuse.

Use Them as Pots For Plantation

The initial plantation stage requires small pots for seed sowing. You can use Chinese takeout boxes for sowing the seed for the initial stages. Take fertile dirt or soil up and pour it into the container till 4-5 cm. Sow the seed up to 2 cm into the dirt. Make sure to poke a few drainage holes at the bottom of the box beforehand. You can keep these in the sunlight and wait for the leaves to sprout.

Once the tiny leaves start coming out, you can take out the soil and plant it in the garden or just put the entire box into the soil as it is. The package will degrade with time, leaving you with a beautiful garden.


Chinese takeout boxes can be used for several more tasks as well. You can get as creative with them as you like. They are cost-effective, portable, and have excellent reusability properties. You can even paint them from the outside for a fun activity with kids or just to make them unique. Recycling will also reduce your carbon footprint. Have fun with the Chinese take-out boxes.


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