Are you an owner of a shoe shop? Do you want to enhance your selling by adding some accessories to your shop? A high-quality levitating shoe display can help you with this. Because it is one of the most attractive things that can ultimately enhance your sales.

It works like magic you can put some of the most demanding ma attractive shoes into this levitating shoe display to make it even more eye-catching. This is the technique that you can use to make more and more customers. Now if you are a thing where you can get this levitating shoe display. Alibaba is here.

So through this article, you are going to add more information to your brain related to levitating shoe displays. If you want to get all the basic information keep on reading but if sourly want to buy levitating shoe display you can check the link mentioned above.

High-quality magnetic levitating shoe display

The best company that is associated with Alibaba is to provide you all the best service and best delivery of magnetic levitation shoe displays. Get quality of the product. This item contains the best technology of magnetic to give a perfect t hot on shoe by using magnetic.

Not only this are the services of this company certified and trusted. Now you can order easily because on-time shipment is also verified. You will get an attractive set of magnetic levitation shoe displays. That will help you to display a set of shows to your customer in a different sense. The other important details are given bellow

Item description and details

  • Customized colors and a variety of designs are available
  • Overall high is 44 cm and the width is almost 23.4cm
  • Its packing includes a magnetic levitation shoe display stand, magnets, steel balls, and an instruction manual
  • Marcylic material is used to paint the item
  • Support the floating capacity of almost 550
  • 100% spin guarantee of shoe

Attractive levitating shoe display

Here we are having another best supplier of high-quality magnetic levitation shoe displays. This company uses the latest technology to make your magnetic levitation shoe display even more attractive and eye-catching. You can order it and customize it according to your demand.

High-quality services with the best customization are also available. You can get the best services due to accusations with Alibaba. Third service and on-time shipment are also tested through the Alibaba group. Safe delivery services are also ensured.

Item description and details

  • One full-year warranty
  • Customize logo and print service is valuable
  • Wary of color are available but preferable colors are black and white
  • The material used to make this  magnetic levitation shoe display  is acrylic
  • Customized safe packing.
  • Sample service is also available


In a nutshell, through this article, you have grabbed all the information related to levitating shoe displays by Alibaba. Now you can easily increase your sales by using this quality product. Hopefully, this article provides you with a sufficient amount of knowledge that you actually want to get.


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