Canvas fabric is a multi-purpose woven fabric that is usually made of cotton and linen and is quite sturdy and durable. The sturdiness of these fabrics makes them perfect for painting as they are water resistant. These fabrics are commonly used as a tent material due to their durability and water resistance. Even some of the designer handbags are made out of canvas fabric. It is a thick fabric and when used as a tote bag, it can be considered stylish as well as sturdy. Moreover, a canvas fabric tote bag is quite trendy nowadays.

Read on to know more about the characteristics of the canvas fabric and what products are made out of this fabric. By the end of this article, you will get to know where you can buy your own canvas fabric at great deals.

Characteristic Of Canvas Fabric

Usage Of Canvas Fabric

Canvas fabric is a highly demanded durable and stylish fabric which is water resistance, thus used for many purposes like painting, as tent material, for tote bags, and many other uses implying to its features. And did you know that the canvas fabric was originally used as a sailcloth material? In fact, due to its high water resistance, it is the perfect solution for sailcloth!

Canvas For Painting

This high-quality sturdy material is commonly used for painting owing to its nice texture. The paint turns out to look great once it dries and enhances the painting. Due to being lightweight and easy to carry, canvas fabric is great to work on. When stretched across a wooden frame, you have a perfect painting background for your art!

Canvas As A Compound Agent

Canvas fabric is also used as a compound agent when it comes to tempera technique painting. Canvas fabric is covered on the wooden surface and is layered by gesso. After tempera technique painting, it is then covered with transparent varnish to make the surface sealed. This durable and sturdy canvas fabric helps strengthen the wooden surface.

Splined Canvas

Canvas fabric when used as a splinted canvas and is attached to the frame’s spline which assists the artists in painting the edges without the staples in the sides of the art piece. Such paintings are displayed without a frame and can have the canvas stretched if you adjust the spline. The water-resistant feature of this material helps artists in painting without any difficulty.

Stretched Canvas

A stretched canvas is quite different than a splined canvas. As a splined canvas can be stretched by adjusting the spline at any time, a stretched canvas usually gets tighter and sturdier and is thus difficult to stretch again.

Canvas Board

A canvas board is made up of cardboard and is glued with the canvas at the back. Such canvas boards are usually for quick studies by the artists and due to the sturdy canvas material, it has quite a long life as it avoids any possible wear and tear.

Canvas For Canoe

Did you know that canoes use up canvas fabric? To make the canoe sturdy, the canvas fabric is added as a layer to the wooden hull to prevent any possible damage to the canoe. The canvas fabric is water resistant, thus perfect for this job!

Products Made Of Canvas

Canvas Tent

Tents are made up of canvas fabric due to the fact that they need a sturdy material that assists in keeping the tent in place in case of any weather disturbances.

Canvas Bags

Canvas fabric is also used to make bags like tote bags which are quite sturdy and can help in case you are carrying a heavy load. These trendy canvas tote bags are the perfect example of style with function!

Canvas Tarpaulins

If you are a traveler and have been to places with extreme weather conditions, you might be aware of the use of canvas-made tarpaulins as they protect one from rain, wind, and sunlight.

Canvas Covers

To protect your vehicle from possible damage due to harsh weather conditions, canvas fabric covers are used to cover them, and it helps in increasing the life of the vehicle.

Martial Arts Uniform

Canvas fabric is also used in the making of a martial art uniform thus assisting trainers while practicing. These fabrics are quite comfortable and durable when it comes to this purpose.


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